Building Process

#1 Determine General Location

Location, location, location. It doesn't matter if you're building a new home or buying an existing one, your first step is deciding on the general location that's right for you. This decision is based on your lifestyle preferences but should be tempered by how long you expect to live in the home. Resale factors should always be considered especially by younger, more mobile homeowners. School districts, access to transportation, shopping, dining and churches are all important factors. Muirfield Homes communities are selected with these factors in mind. We will also build on your land as well.

#2 Determine Your Investment

Most of our clients work on some kind of pre-determined budget based on either their initial or overall monthly investment or both. We pride ourselves on staying up to date on all finanicng programs and keeping our customers informed. We also work with the areas finest lenders based on their service and fee schedules. Meet with our sales professionals or one of the lenders to determine what price range of home fits your investment and qualifying goals.

#3 Select Your Plan

The next step is to find a design that fits your needs and desires. How many bedrooms do you need? Living areas? Number of bathrooms? We have earned a reputation of providing a design portfolio that captures the latest trends in demand. The reason is simple. We listen! We track our Visitor Preference Surveys to see what people like you are asking for. For most people it is easy to find a design that we have worked with in the past and then customize it. This offers the best value and saves time. For others, a custom bid from start to finish is done. Either way, you can expect the same workmanship and attention to detail.

#4 Select a Specific Home Site

This marries the requirements determined by your unique home design with your own preference for a building site. Sun exposure, topography and foliage are just some of the considerations when selecting your new home site. Your Muirfield representative will walk the site with you to accuartely paint a the picture of your future yard!

#5 Select Included Features

Muirfield Homes offers a wide variety of the most asked about features included in the base price of each home we build. But each homeowners needs are different. That's why we provide pricing on other features that you may want included in your home. You may want to add wood flooring, change a counter top covering or upgrade energy efficiency. We will provide easy to understand pricing and bids for you to make everything work within your budget.

#6 Finalize Paperwork

We understand that you don't want suprises when it comes to your new home. That's why we protect you by providing everything that we do in writing, up front. At this point you will know what your total investment will be unless you decide to make additions or changes to your original agreement. A minimal good faith deposit is due at this point.

#7 Pre-Construction Meeting

This is an opportunity for you to meet with Alan Cheshier to finalize your construction drawings. This is also an orientation time where schedules, selections and other processes are detailed. When the plans are complete to your satisfaction, you are ready to start!

#8 Building Permits and Suveys

Before construction can begin an application is submitted to the local municipality where the home is being built. We also confirm the home site boundaries and how the home will actually be placed upon the land.

#9 Groundworks

A firm foundation is a great start for any home. Soil conditions and neighborhood covenants help to deterrmine the appropriate foundation type. Additional steel is applied to help with ground shifting and to control surface cracking. PEX plumbing lines, warranted for 25 years against corrosion and freezing are applied in the concrete. Floor electrical, air ducts and floor safes if applicable are installed at this stage.

#10 Framing and Roofing

The home starts to take shape in the so called "stick building" phase. Some items that set Muirfield Homes apart from other builders here include solid "Stud" grade lumber, 2 layer exterior sheathing for noise, wind and moisture barrier including Dow Blue Board, Owens Corning Heavy composition 40 year roofing applied with Elk Z-Ridge and galvanized W-valley. This will improve the efficiency and durability of your home for years to come.

#11 Electrical Walk Through

New homes today are wired with all of the latest electronics and conveniences in mind. This is your chance to install that Plasma TV, include surround sound, or lay out your in-home computer network. This can be very difficult to impossible in older homes without a visible nuisance.

#12 Mechanicals

Indoor air quality is superior in your new Muirfield Home. Our plans are engineered individually to acheive quality air flow at the greatest monthly savings to our customers. Recent Building Code requirements in this area again make a New Home a natural for those concerned with air quality and the environment.

#13 Personalization/Decoration

This is where the fun really begins! Work with our on-staff professional designer to customize to your tastes. Every item can be individually selected or you can relax and put our team to work finishing a home that will be as unique as you are!

#14 Rough-In Inspections Meeting

This is your chance to meet one last time before the walls are installed enclosing wiring, plumbing and air vents. This is where we check our plan!

#15 Drywall

Our drywall team has over 30 years of experience in the Oklahoma City metro area and it shows. A hand applied texture adds warmth, character and elegance to your walls. The interior of your home begins to take shape.

#16 Trim Walk

A chance again to meet at your home to discuss the layout of everything cabinets. Style that kitchen like the one you saw in a magazine or get the wardrobe closet you've always dreamed of. You can ask questions directly to the finish carpenter who will be bringing the woodwork to life in your new Muirfield Home!

#17 Trim and Painting

This is where exceptional homes are seperated from average ones. Watch you interior take shape. The finest hardwoods are used with a 5 step finishing process on our custom stain and enamel finishes. Ask about all of the shading, glazing and faux finishes that are available for your new home.

#18 Interior Finishes

Like the icing on a great cake, this is where you see the culmination of your good taste collide with years of building some of Oklahoma City's most desired homes. Counter tops, flooring, hardware, wallpaper, plumbing and electrical fixtures are installed here.

#19 Pre-Closing Orientation

This is where the Muirfield Homes team takes time to familiarize you with your new home. You are provided with your warranty, Homeowners manual and anything needed to make your closing a breeze. We show you how to operate and care for your home. We make sure that your dream home is delivered in the condition that YOU expect.

#20 Home is Made Move-In Ready

After the orientation, our team is hard at work making the final touch up and preparations for bringing you and your family into the home. We believe that each home should be completed to the customer's satisfaction prior to move-in.

#21 Escrow Funding & Move-In!

As your move-in day approaches, our customer care representative works with you to make sure that you've received your closing statements, review any punchlist items, and answer any last minute questions. Professional Title Agents and Mortgage Brokers make your closing a breeze. The only thing left to do do is to move in and celebrate your new home!

#22 Warranty Program

Within 60 days we check back with you to ensure that your transition into your home is going smoothly. Any items that in need of repair are done in a timeframe communicated clearly with you. The process is repeated at 11 months past your move in date. Many indiviual componants in your home will carry extended warranties. Those are covered in your Homeowners Manual. Extended warranties are available through third party firms.


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